Working Flair Masterclass




We want to say a big congratulations to Ricky Wing for completing the 2 day intensive working flair masterclass.

We were really impressed with Ricky’s enthusiasm and commitment to learn. Ricky was a fast learner and picked up the moves very quickly where he leant flair skills such as  flat throws,shadow passes, grabs, splits, nests, , stalls, rolls and a couple of working flair routines with tin and bottle,2 bottles and 2 tins and a bottle.

We find that the one on one tuition really makes for excellent results because any flaws will be noticed and corrected straight away so you don’t pick up any bad habits which will hold you back from improving. The day is intensive and you must be prepared to work hard to get the results like Ricky did.

You can see the results for yourself here where we are sure you will agree that he now looks like a professional flair bartender. We would be proud to send Ricky to our future events and hope that he will continue to practice.


Practice really is the key when it comes to flair bartending and always developing and im

proving on your routine to make you stronger and more versatile. No one wants to see the same routine over and over again so why not book a flair masterclass and learn some new moves or even just the basics with a touch of originality.

You can specify whether you want a working flair masterclass or an exhibition flair masterclass the choice is yours or you can always incorporate both.

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