Flair Masterclass

flair masterclass


We have continued our relationship with Cafe Chula and Lockside in Camden Town where we have been providing their trainee bartenders with a group working flair masterclass to improve their entertainment skills behind the bar. The trainees do various courses across the training month including a wine tasting course, beer spillage and an extensive cocktail training course as well as our flair masterclass. They then get to prove themselves and pass their fears by working behind a busy bar during Friday and Saturday nights.

We worked hard with a fantastic group of guys at the working flair masterclass and had lots of fun in our training sessions and saw that they possessed great potential. We taught them lots of skills such as pours, rolls, bumps and stalls to allow them to practice and develop this further into their own routines and personal bartender style. Getting the basics right at the beginning is important if you want to continue to develop and try harder moves.  At the end of the working flair masterclass our trainees were tired but impressed with their progress made.

Our trainees learnt that flair bartending is not just about throwing objects around the bar but is about focus, technique, commitment and importantly great discipline. We look forward to meeting and training up our new bartenders in a few weeks time and we wish all our trainees all the best for the future! Group flair masterclass

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