Flair Bartender Service for Ford Cars

Trust Ford


We have been working for Ford taking part in the ‘Trust Ford’ campaign which involves trade fairs across the UK aimed at their most loyal clients.  Our first stop was in Bristol and we will also be heading to Normanton and Essex for the other fairs. The fair was a great success and we received really positive reviews about our services and we are really looking forward to the next ones.

We supplied a portable bar, two flair bartenders and a complete mocktail service for around 200 guests.

Why choose our flair bartender service?

Our flair bartender to hire service is popular with brand promotions such as the Trust Ford promotion as people are really amazed by the flair tricks and all the bottles and tins being thrown around and this is why so many companies take advantage of this service as it is then really easy to get speaking to potential clients and businesses.

Cocktail parties create a high demand for our flair bartender to hire service too. People want quality entertainment and fun at their parties and our flair bartenders to hire do like to show off with their flair skills and bring some style and attitude to the party.

We can provide the flair bartenders on their own or we can provide the full service with cocktail ingredients, mobile bar and glassware. It is up to you how you want to have your party and which of our services you need. We like to be flexible and accommodate as best we can. Have a look at our photos from the Ford event to see what we can offer.

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