Flair Bartender hire for Vegas themed Ford event


flair bartender to hire

As part of the Trust Ford trade fairs we had the opportunity to go to Normanton near Leeds for a Las Vegas themed fair. We provided two flair bartenders and a full catering mocktail service including a mobile bar for Ford’s clients. The mocktails were cleverly named with Ford car parts such as Fruit Injection, Calliperso, Cloudy Car ‘Beer’uttor and CranShaft and Apple Spark Glug Sour. The Clients loved these mocktails and the variety on offer and were also very entertained by the flair shows.

It was a very glamorous event where they set the Vegas scheme well bringing in casino games such as slot machines, a black jack table with croupier and baccarat. American style food was provided with the usual hot dogs and burgers; it was a really exciting event to be a part of. Flairing is also a big part of the Vegas cocktail bar scene where the majority of bars provide this service so our flair bartenders really added to the Vegas themed event.  We would love for you to share the fun we had so please do check out our gallery for our further pictures and see what we have to offer.

Our next stop for Ford will be in Essex where we will again be providing a full mocktail service with two flair bartenders. We can’t wait for this and look forward to working with Ford again in the future.

flair bartender hire

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