Cocktail Party in Hertford

cocktail party at home

We recently organised and fully catered a cocktail party at home in Hertford. We provided our new up and coming flair bartender at the event to show off his talent and flair skills to all the guests. Needless to say, the guests were all really impressed with his entertainment skills behind the bar and his lovable Italian accent and demeanour. We should also mention his cocktails were outstanding and we received very positive feedback about our new talent, the cocktails and the event as a whole.

We take pride in our flair bartenders at Elite Bar Events and providing a top service to our clients. We have over 20 selected professional flair bartenders over the country to supply you with at your event and a wealth of expertise in the bar industry.

We also provided a mobile bar at the cocktail party and decided to use our portable, modern, stylish black bar which was required given the small space we had to work in so no matter how big or how small your cocktail party is we offer a great deal of flexibility and have the right bar perfect for your venue.

We want your cocktail party to be amazing and memorable like the events we have been a part of so book one of our flair bartenders to create some fun and a lively atmosphere. See you soon!

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