Basic Bartending Course

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We have been very busy with our masterclasses this month. Our most recent bartending course was with Flavio who came all the way from Italy to learn the key essential bartending skills which we call our ‘Basic Bartending Course’.


Within 14 hours of our intensive workshop one to one with the trainer Flavio soon got to grips with everything you need to know about working behind a bar. He gained a real insight into what working behind the bar involves and learned all about the bar equipment, bar set up, how to shake and strain, basic working flair moves, muddling, pouring techniques, general bartending skills and much more.


Importantly he developed his cocktail knowledge and mixology skills where he studied the basic cocktails which can be  easily adapted for more adventurous cocktails. For example why not turn a regular mojito into a watermelon mojito! As long as you have the basic sound mixology knowledge your cocktail experience will continue to widen and develop so you can be confident in making all different varieties of cocktails e.g. martinis or long drinks which of course have very different processes to make.


We provide all of our trainees with their very own bartending kit which again is essential for any bartender to have. Now Flavio will feel confident and importantly look confident when he is behind the bar and will be sure to impress his customers and managers with his newly acquired skills and professional bar equipment.


So if you’re looking to get a bartending job and need to know the basics then our course is highly recommended. We also have on offer cocktail masterclasses and flair masterclasses for all levels of experience.



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