Bartender at home

Kir Royale HertfordAt Elite Bar Events one of our top specialities is in providing bartenders at home. Cocktail parties at home are becoming increasingly popular whether it’s to start off the evening for a night out afterwards or to celebrate the whole evening in the comfort of your own home it really is a great way to get everyone together and to celebrate in style.

Let us do all the hard work for you with our mixology skills and let us provide the entertainment for your party with our flair bartenders who will amaze your guests with their bottle throwing skills. Your guests will be delighted at having a range of cocktails in your home and getting served by a professional bartender who knows what they are doing when it comes to cocktails.

What’s more the cost is a lot cheaper than going out where you get real value for money instead of paying inflated prices. We will send you a shopping list so you can be in control of your budget and you will know exactly what you are spending. Alternatively we can provide all the ingredients for the cocktails where our prices work out much cheaper compared to bars and club prices.

All our bartenders at home are highly experienced so you can rest assured you’re getting a top quality service from a professional.

Our bartenders will come to your home with all the equipment needed. All we ask is that you provide your bartender at home with an adequate space to work in or why not hire our mobile bar to set up in your living room. This adds to the cocktail party experience.

We often get asked the difference between our cocktail bartenders to hire and our flair bartenders to hire. The short answer is that both are trained and experienced mixologists so can make great cocktails but our flair bartenders are also trained in the art of ‘flairing’ which is very entertaining. Our flair bartenders are slightly more expensive because they have to work and practice hard to keep up their flair skills. It is up to you which one you pick but if your budget allows then a flair bartender adds some entertainment and added fun to the party.

It really is very simple and your night will be a memorable one so leave those busy noisy clubs alone and book your bartender at home!

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