Mobile bar to hire

Mobile Bar Hire


We provide a mobile bar hire service for all event sizes.

We cover all areas of the UK but our most popular areas are:








Our mobile bars can add a great focus point to any event and provides the ultimate cocktail party experience. When you book your bartender to hire then let us know whether you need a mobile bar with this service. A mobile bar will ensure the bartenders have a suitable place to work and serve from whilst also offering a more professional and stylish look to your event. We can also offer you just our mobile bar to hire service.

We have two mobile bar hire options available depending on your budget and event size.

Mobile bar to hire

Our first mobile bar to hire is a stylish black plywood mobile bar of 1.60m, which is suitable for events with up to 60 guests.

This bar is very versatile as it can be folded down and brought into smaller rooms, such as living rooms and kitchens. This makes it perfect for home events such as birthdays and hen parties. It also works well for outside garden parties as it is fully wateroroof and it can be set up in ten minutes to minimise disruption and allows for a speedy set up.




Our second mobile bar to hire is a luxury LED bar of 1.75 meter sections. You can add as many sections as required to create the bar size you need.

As a guide the 1.75 meter section is suitable for up to 70 guests. The 3.5 meter bar (2 sections) is suitable for up to 150 guests and theĀ  5.25meter bar (3 sections) is suitable for up to 350 guests.

There is interchangeable lighting so you can pick the colour you want to suit your event and its colour scheme. We would recommend this option for weddings and corporate events.