Flair Masterclass

Whether you want to be the best flair bartender in the world or the best in your bar, you need to start by knowing the basics, and that’s where our flair masterclass will help you. Our flair masterclass gives you expert tuition from an experienced flair tutor who has worked in numerous flair bartending schools and has competed worldwide.  You will start to learn the basics and then go on to develop flair skills like rolls, bumps, stalls, taps, flips and eventually to multi object flairing. The flair masterclass is a fantastic experience for all levels of flairers where you will learn some great moves and routines that you can use to increase your tips behind the bar. Our tutor will come with all the equipment required to your chosen location where you will receive 15 hours of intensive training over 2/3 days. This can be extended if required. The one-to-one tuition makes for great results.

Programme specification (5% theory, 95% practical).


History of flair

Difference between working flair and exhibition flair

American style flair and European style flair

Customer rapport/showmanship


Flair warm up

Basic moves of flair

Working flair

Exhibition flair

Create routines including flips, rolls, bumps, stalls and taps.

Flair using a variety of bar equipment: muddler, ice, straws, bar spoons, strainers and napkins

Multi object flair

Corporate Flair Bartender Masterclass

We also offer a corporate option ideal for bars, clubs and hotels.

Hire a flair trainer to teach your team (maximum 10 employees at a time) the basics of being a flair bartender and some working flair moves with a routine to perform at the bar. Discounts are applied for groups over 3 people and there is an option for a one day intensive working flair training course. Please contact us if you require any more information for a quote or read on to find out about our corporate bar services.

corporate flair masterclass
flair masterclass