Corporate Bar Services

Corporate Bar Services


We have a wealth of expertise in providing corporate bar services from cocktail masterclasses to flair masterclasses to brand promotions we have done it all. We pride ourselves on making your business look outstanding and one which will stand out from the rest; we appreciate the importance of regular custom and keeping your customers smiling.

We also strongly believe that first impressions count so we ensure that a top quality service is provided and our expertise is passed on to your business to make your business successful in the future.

Our corporate services will be tailored to your individual business needs so you can be assured that our service is relevant to you.

We cover all areas of the UK but our most popular areas are:








These are some of our most popular corporate packages which we offer:

Corporate Brand Promotion

If your business is looking to boost its reputation and make an impact on its customers, then book one of our flair bartenders for a flair show or cocktail/mocktail service to draw in the crowds and increase those sales and awareness of your business. It is important to gain a great first impression from the outset so why not let us do all the hard work for you?

Our bartenders have extensive experience in providing a professional service for your brand promotion. We have helped a lot of companies to increase their portfolio of clients and consolidate their existing ones.  It also works really well for companies who are not in the beverage industry because crowds are drawn in by the cocktails and flair show and then you can get them interested in your product or service.

The corporate brand promotion service includes a flair bartender or mixologist with a portable bar and equipment. We will also send you your own menu and can even invent a signature drink suited to your company if required. It is your choice whether you want us to supply the ingredients and glassware/sample cups just let us know your requirements and we will be happy to assist and answer any queries.

We appreciate each business has different needs so please contact us for more information and we will be happy to help.

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Corporate flair bartender masterclass

This corporate bar service is ideal for bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants. Hire a flair trainer to teach your team (maximum 10 employees at a time) the basics of being a flair bartender and some working flair moves with a routine to perform at the bar. Discounts are applied for groups over 3 people and there is an option for a one day intensive working flair training course. See our flair masterclasses page for more detail.

Corporate cocktail masterclass

This corporate bar service is ideal for cocktail bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants. Hire a mixologist to teach your staff how to prepare top quality cocktails with fresh fruit, herbs and spices and a lesson in garnishing. The masterclass is a one day mixology tuition course which can be extended if required to meet your needs.

Our tutor will go through the basics from how to shake, stir and strain to mix appropriately. It is a step by step learning course with a lot of practice involved. We will go through some of the ‘classics’ with your team and will cover the more revolutionary cocktails which are becoming increasingly popular. This will help you stay on trend and ensure your team is up to date with new developments and techniques. We can also assist with the launching or the re-design of your cocktail menu.

If you require more information on any of our corporate bar services or would like a quote, please contact us.

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